DiveJP offers boating and travel tours to several sites in Japan. Just to name a few, we organize tours to the Tokyo islands, Izu peninsula, and Ogasawara to swim with wild dolphins, snorkel, fish or scuba. You can view a list of our tours from the menu bar above.

Our tours cater to customers in English, Japanese, and Chinese.We help the foreign community in Japan as well as visitors to Japan by organizing tours entirely in English and providing an amazing experience. Our tours are composed of a mix of Japanese and Non-Japanese, so not only will you have a great time on the water, but also a great cultural experience.

DiveJP also offers boating tours in and around Tokyo bay and the Kanagawa coastline. Our boating tours vary in price and include fishing, snorkeling, and spear fishing excursions. Come join us on our boat for an amazing experience.

Here is some video footage from one of our dolphin tours. After you watch these videos, you wont be able to resist joining us on our next dolphin tour trip to the islands of Tokyo!

Here is a video of a mother and child peacefully swimming around our cameraman. This was taken in the waters that surround Mikura Jima, an island only 3-4 hours away from Tokyo by speed boat. There are over 300 wild dolphins that call this island home and dolphin lovers visit this island every year to enjoy the opportunity to swim with these amazing creatures.

In this video, our tour had a pod of wild dolphins that decided to come say hello to us. They were playing catch with an octopus they had caught earlier in the day.

With over 300 wild dolphins living around this island, you are guaranteed to have several encounters with the dolphins. Click here to read more about our dolphin tours! You can see more videos like these in our video section.