About Us

DiveJP started due to the founding members passion of the sea. We love fishing, diving, swimming, surfing, just about any activity in the water…too bad we don’t have gills. We are a dive company based out of Tokyo, Japan and we service customers from all over the world. We have been conducting tours for nearly 10 years in English and Japanese.

We had the idea to start DiveJP with the goal to offer tours to Japanese and non Japanese sea lovers. Our crew has a deep passion for dolphins and absolutely loves swimming with them. Our crew members have traveled around the world to swim with wild dolphins and dive the open water. Places like the Florida keys, Baja California, Belize, Thailand, Vietnam, and especially Mikura Jima (right here in Japan). Our crew members are fluent in Japanese and English and if you are an animal lover, and especially a dolphin lover, you will love our tours!

Our tours are a fun escape from our busy lives in the city and will help rejuvenate anyone after a long work week. Our boat always has someone that can speak English and Japanese, so there is never a language issue, but we also try to balance out our tours with a good mixture of Japanese and English speakers so that you can really enjoy your time out on the big blue! It’s not just an amazing experience with nature but also a cultural experience!

Thank you for taking the time to browse our website, please check out the other areas of our site and see which tour suits you best. We can’t wait to see you on one of our tours!

The Divejp.com Captain and Crew