Dolphin Swim Tour


Come swim with the wild dolphins of Mikura Jima in crystal clear blue water at an island with over a hundred years of dolphin history. Currently, there are over 300 dolphins that inhabit the waters surrounding this island, all living peacefully and free. There was even an old spice trading ship that had wrecked off these coastal waters, and the story is, that the dolphins that inhabit these waters helped to rescue the crew members.

DiveJP packages our dolphin tours to include boat transporation from the Tokyo port, along with your stay at a Japanese bed and breakfast (includes Japanese breakfast and dinner) and the dolphin boat which takes you out to swim with the dolphins. Our bed and breakfast partners are foreigner friendly, so you will be sure to have a pleasant trip!

The locals are very friendly people but most do not speak English. But no need to worry, you are on a DiveJP tour and we have everything planned out for you! We organize your trip from start to finish, and of course a bilingual DiveJP staff will be accompanying you the entire trip.

Our tour starts when we depart from the Tokyo port. There are overnight (slow) and daytime (fast) boats that take us to Mikura island. When you arrive, you will be picked up at the port and taken to your bed and breakfast. Then you will meet your boat captain, get sized up for any equipment you need and your boat captain will tell you when to be ready for your dolphin boat trips. Outside of these times, you are free to explore the island, grab food from the local islanders, and look out on the beautiful ocean that surrounds you.

What you will need:

Since this tour requires at least 1 overnight stay, you will need to pack a change of clothes. Dive gear is recommended but rentals are available. We also recommend to withdrawal cash from the ATM in Tokyo prior to leaving as there are only a few atms on the island and we don’t want you to get stuck without having money.

What’s provided to you?

Your tour includes a return ferry from Tokyo port (near Odaiba) to Mikura island. Also included, is the stay at a Minshuku (a type of bed and breakfast) which includes a private room with TV, table, futon, breakfast and dinner. You will need to eat lunch at one of the restaurants on the island (an average price of 1000 yen). Our boat captain will take you out to swim with the wild dolphins and offer any dive equipment that we don’t provide.


Our tour starts in Tokyo at the main port and departs around 10-11pm daily and returns to Tokyo Bay around 9pm. Your stay can be as long as you wish to swim with wild dolphins. The island does not have a beach so you cannot sun bath in the sand or swim in the water on your own. Other activities to do besides swimming are to go on one of the many hiking trails or visit traditional Japanese island temples. Most of our customers find that 2-3 days is a good duration for this trip. But for the die hard dolphin fans, no amount of days will be enough!

The boat trips to swim with wild dolphins are roughly 2 hours each and they occur once in the morning and once in the early afternoon. You can do at most a maximum of 2 trips out per day.

Rental Gear:

If you don’t have your own dive gear, we have rental mask/snorkel, fins, wetsuits, and more. For dolphin swimming we definitely recommend using a weight belt so that you can easily stay under water and have more time with the dolphins. Check out all that’s available and our prices by clicking¬†here.

Tour Rates:

Tour packages departing from Tokyo start at 29,000 JPY (per person) which includes the roundtrip boat to Mikura island, overnight stay in a traditional Japanese Minshuku, and either a morning or afternoon private boat excursion to swim with wild dolphins. A traditional Japanese breakfast and dinner are also included! What a steal!

The price of your tour really depends on the total nights of stay, the number of boat trips out to swim with dolphins and the time of year you go. Please use our reservation form to request a quote and check availability. We hope to respond within 48-72 hours from receiving your reservation request. Be sure to make reservations in advance, this tour fills up quickly during the peak summer months.