Fishing Tour


The waters of Japan have some of the best small to medium game fishing. The Tokyo islands, a chain of islands referred to as Izu Shoto, also has amazing fishing during certain parts of the year.

Our fishing tours have a maximum participate count of about 5-6 people to ensure there is enough room on our boat to allow for maneuvering and slicing up some fresh sashimi after your catch. We go to our secret fishing holes as well as take requests when you and your friends charter our boats.

If you are into extreme sports, you may enjoy our spearfishing tours. We have a few secret spots in and around the Chiba and Kanagawa coastline that we would love to share with you. To organize a spearfishing tour, make a reservation for our snorkeling tour and add a note in the comments section.

What you will need:

Sunscreen and a hat is always a good idea when you are fishing for several hours on a boat in the sun, other than that, we have you covered!

What’s provided to you?

We provide your pole, line, tackle, and bait the entire duration of the excursion. Drinks and snacks are also provided to keep you healthy, hydrated, and happy!


This tour runs for approximately 4 hours. All fish you catch is yours to keep and your wife or husband to prepare!


10,000 yen per person/day. We require a minimum of 4 people before going out. If less than 4 people, then the price would be 40,000 yen divided by total number of people attending. Make a reservation today to join one of our tours!