Sunset Cruise


Enjoy a relaxing sunset cruise in the coastal waters surrounding Tokyo and Kanagawa. The DiveJP sunset cruise starts and ends at Enoshima island, which is a short 10-15 minute walk from the Enoshima train station (roughly 40-60 minutes from Tokyo by express train). Enoshima island is also a popular tourist destination for visitors to Japan as well as local Japanese. There are many omiyage shops (gift shops), restaurants, shrines, and even an onsen (hot spring) located on the island. Our sunset cruise would be the perfect ending to your day of sightseeing in and around Kamakura/Enoshima area.

Our sunset cruises run for roughly 3 hours which includes a stop of 30-40 minutes where we serve food and drinks while watching the sun set. If you are lucky and it’s a clear day, you will get to enjoy seeing the famous Mt Fuji in the background! Our cruise begins at Enoshima island, we then head down the Kanagawa coast towards Jougashima and then travel back up the coast stopping at a few picturesque sites. The sites we will visit are as follows:

  • Jougashima Lighthouse – A beautiful lighthouse overlooking the sea near Jougashima.
  • Sagami Bay – The waters around Sagami Bay are beautiful and on a good day it’s soo clear that you can see a few meters down from the surface. We often take snorkeling tours here.
  • Nashima no Torii – We will visit the Nashima no Torii which is only accessible by boat. It’s a big red Torii (gate) that sits out in the middle of the ocean on a rock formation. Great picture spot, on clear days we get a view of Mt Fuji (see image below).
  • Sagami Bay, Zushi – This beautiful beach has tons of beach goers and wind surfers. We highly recommend this beach for a good beach day out of the city. The emperor’s family has an estate around this area which they once used as their summer home.

This amazing photo was taken by Tohshiro. Thanks Tohshiro!

Our Sunset Cruise Boats

To allow for a spacious and relaxing time, we use either our Yamaha FR-23 or LUXAIR boats for our sunset cruises. Both are well equipped with seating areas to enjoy drinks and food while on the cruise.

What you will need:

Nothing at all, sit back and relax while your captain cruises around the Kanagawa coastline. We do recommend some sunscreen and motion sickness protection if you tend to get sick on boats.

What’s provided to you?

We provide the boat, food, and drinks while mother nature provides the ocean and beautiful sunsets.


This tour runs for approximately 3 hours.


10,000 yen per person. We require a minimum of 4 people before going out. If less than 4 people, then the price would be 40,000 yen divided by total number of people attending. Make a reservation now to see if you can join one of our groups heading out!